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Grab me, Rape me, Kill me…


Anyone who has seen a superb comedy by Susan Stroman, The Producers, (written by Mel Brooks and based on his equally superb hit from 1967) will recognise the pun from the title. Unfortunately, what I am referring to here is far from being funny and humorous. Here is the chronology:

  • Arminas_1

    Arminas was only 15 years old, and his killer 14.

    31 December 2015, New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Germany – around 1000 organised men of African and Arab origin (now confirmed most were asylum seekers or earlier immigrants) descended upon the central square where the large number of people were celebrating. Those men assaulted sexually any woman they could get their hands on. There was also a case of actual rape reported.

  • 11 January 2016, Broby, Skåne County, Sweden – a 14-year old Syrian migrant stabs in the back the 15-year-old Lithuanian-born boy, Arminas Pileckas, who was living with his parents in Sweden. Earlier, in the first school term, Arminas was allegedly defending a girl from being sexually harassed by his Arab classmate. As he was obviously winning the Arab student promised a revenge, which he executed on the first day of the second term.
  • 25 January 2016, Mölndal near Gothenburg, Sweden – a 14-17-year old Somalian refugee stabs to death 22-year old shelter worker Alexandra Mezher. Alexandra was previously complaining to her mother that most of the refugees in the shelter are older, between 20 and 24, but had been lying about their age, pretending to be much younger. However, she didn’t express any concerns regarding her own safety as she was quite skilled in working with troubled children.
Alexandra Mezher_2

Alexandra, 22. She is no more.

As always, there is more, but listing all known cases here would not make any difference anyway.

There are a few so obvious issues with this whole “hot business” with refugees and migrants that one cannot help wondering what could a real agenda behind all this elaborate operation be. A logical follow-up question would then be: – How is that going to affect Europe and, even wider, Western civilisation?

No one knows a straightforward answers to that, at least no one that would be prepared to publicly talk about it. There are certainly a number of clues, though, that can help us speculate and possibly stumble upon the actual true motivation behind all this. However, thorough analysis of the subject could take us on a path of writing the whole book. Therefore, I will limit myself to looking into several aspects that I find most intriguing.

Firstly, there is a clear distinction between refugees and immigrants. The former ones are fleeing the country of origin because of war and extreme life-threating risks to which they were exposed there. The latter ones are leaving their countries in search of a better pay. The trick is that as well as often having extremely poor pay in their home countries, there is often some kind of conflict going on, as well. So, they squeeze into those endless queues of refugees on the basis of the conflict rather than poor pay.

So, briefly, Europe has so far spent millions of Euros to accept and take care of refugees. Now, they are thinking of sending those who don’t explicitly fall into a refugee category back home. That will be another many millions of Euros. Needless to say, that expense could have easily been prevented by swift and efficient screening of refugees at the entry point.

Men refugees_4

No comment necessary.

You look at those endless lines with kids, women, even some old people, and many, many young men, from 14 to over 30. Do you realise how much work power there is? Hm? Do you also realise how much unused sexual energy there is? We have been seeing literary one after the other, case after case of assault, rape and murder. The fact that there are many cases of rape and murder happening on European soil regardless of refugees (comment used often in some news programmes) is really not an argument to use at this time.

Men refugees_5

Men, men, and more men.

With it, though, the justification could be very entertaining, e.g.: “Dear lady, since you would statistically be raped this month anyway, does it really matter who rapes you? At the end of the day you are helping refugees in your own way. You do understand by now that it is nothing personal. It is only ‘sexual emergency’. I mean, what would you want? Him to rape a 10-year-old boy? Horrible! I am sure you feel better now.”

Then, there is that case of an ill-fated Lithuanian-born teenager, Arminas Pileckas, who defended a Swedish girl in school from an Arab, immigrant teenager. Nothing funny about that, but he should have known that one doesn’t stop Arabs when they advance unless one knows what one is doing and has a defence prepared! If one simply turns his back after showing obvious superiority, from the moment of his defeat, an Arab will start preparing little by little an attack, evil, cunning and from every angle unfair. Little did Arminas know what was coming to him.

All this and more are the actual physical actions of damage and harm, which have no justification whatsoever, but they do show and point at the seriousness, intensity and I dare say regularity of those specific crimes.

So, I found it extremely distressing to listen to a recent RT (Russian Television) show, In The Now, hosted by Anissa Naouai, which by the way was referred to recently by Rollo Tomassi in one of his posts. The show is often very cheeky and direct in pointing out the “evils” of our time, and I personally think that Anissa is doing a very good job by being quite direct and not giving her “opponents” much space. However, many healthy and proud Europeans would have been deeply disappointed with her attitude and reaction towards comments by Iben Thranholm in her show on 24 January 2016. Iben is a Danish journalist, known for her good investigative skills.

It was painful to listen to the interview. That is how big a discord was between Iben who was trying to convey the message, which doesn’t really need conveying as a matter of fact, and Annisa who was blissfully unaware of reality, or, that is a possibility, was just playing dumb, which I don’t think would have been a wise thing to do at that time.

It hurt just to listen to each of the lines as those two spoke, let alone quote them here, but I will live through that suffering as I need to share my thoughts, which should be obvious to every aware, honourable and proud European anyway.

Men in skirts_1

Are these the men that will stand up for Europe, their families, their culture and their race?

That segment of the show focuses on a recent protest, organised by a small group of Dutch men, against violence towards women committed by some refugees.Those men were wearing skirts (!) as a kind of demonstration of solidarity with the victims. Let’s put aside for a moment a bizarre and idiotic notion behind this feeble effort that the protest will truly demonstrate support for female victims while at the same time being a lesson to male refugees (!). It wasn’t either, but let’s put that aside.

What really revealed a profound disconnect between Anissa together with, I am afraid, quite a large population of modern and urban Millennials, and reality were Anissa’s confused questions/comments after Iben would say something concrete.


At the risk of taking this too far, and making this article too long, I’ll quote a few interesting parts of the conversation and then say what I have to say.

  1. —-

[Iben Thranholm:] “…This militant feminism that has been going on for decades. Now we see the consequences that many men here are brought up to be women and think like women and be soft minded.”

[Anissa Naouai:] “But that is what Europe is about. That is part of European quality. Is that the European Union promotes, it talks about promoting at least all the time and these refugees are coming to Europe. Shouldn’t they adapt to that?”

—- No, “men brought up to be women and think like women” IS NOT part of European quality. What the hell was wrong with her? Did she listen to what she actually said? Europe’s quality is about strength, resourcefulness, ingenuity, not men being sissies. For God’s sake!

traditional Europe

Europe. Too traditional? Perhaps, but you get the point.

—- Refugees will not adapt. Live with those people for a few years and you will understand, truly understand. There is no adaptation, there is no integration. End of story. The trick is if you don’t live with them, you cannot understand this, not really. It is not like reading history books and “understanding” people, times, customs, etc. It is not, I know.

  1. —-

[Iben Thranholm:] “Well, I think that was not what Europe used to be. I mean normally we have had like male hero virtues. And you know, a culture needs to be balanced…….. a culture to be balanced and to work out well, you need to have both the masculine part and the feminine part. And now the masculine part is lost and we see the consequences………. And now we see that we don’t have any male they can stand up, who can fight, who can fight back those male aggressions that we’re facing…”

[Anissa Naouai:] “One could argue though that fighting or standing up or being strong isn’t exactly going to solve problems. A lot would argue that strong male like you say leaders might be more client to start wars to fight to build conflict.”

—- Fighting CAN solve problems. Not always, not in every situation, but this might just be THE situation. Besides, Iben probably didn’t mean actual, direct fighting, like a war, but the fighting spirit. That is what Europe is chronically lacking now! Fighting spirit and standing up for themselves! What is wrong with standing up for oneself, for God’s sake? It is essential as part of a healthy self-esteem and personality, and nations do have personalities, and nations must protect their personalities! How else are they going to do that if they don’t stand up for themselves? In this particular case, letting refugees walk over them is not an option!

  1. —-

[Anissa Naouai:] “Isn’t that going back with all we fought as women, isn’t that going back to say that only man can protect and run Europe?”

—- Yes, it is. Simple. She is just not listening what Iben is telling her.

  1. —-

[Anissa Naouai:] “ The mass rape, the mass rape, the violence shouldn’t be happening in the first place. These are guests essentially who Europe has welcomed.’

[Iben Thranholm:] “……those people from those countries, they have a different culture, they have a different religion. And they only respect strong men. They don’t respect women. And we need to look at reality. This is the reality they don’t respect women. They look at women as weak. And when the politicians are trying to be inclusive and all-embracing for them is just weakness. And we have to deal with that; its weakness. So if we want to go on like this, I mean it, you know, could be a catastrophe for our culture…..”

—- No comment necessary.

  1. —-

[Iben Thranholm:] “ No. I think just looking at reality. I mean we see that, that we need somebody to protect those women, because obviously, they cannot protect themselves. I mean they were victimized, because they were victims of this type of crime…”

[Anissa Naouai:] “Should they have to protect themselves against mass rape on the streets of their country of their home?

—- Is Anissa not listening to Iben? Yes, they should have to protect themselves on the streets of their own country and home towns because those refugees have flooded Europe and they are everywhere and since European leaders have gracefully allowed EVERYONE who came from “over there” to simply walk in, there are plenty of those who should not have been there in the first place, young, strong, healthy and sexually uninhibited men of Muslim religion. That says it all.


Anissa, it is more than obvious that you need men to protect you. Don’t even start that feminist rant about not needing anyone and being independent. Just look around yourself, and I don’t mean the studio where you work, I mean Europe and its towns, streets, squares…

Feminism, right now, IS NOT going to protect any woman in Europe or the Western world for that matter. Women DO NEED men, right now…, but wait! What is happening? Where are all these men going? What does it say on the back of their T-shirts? “Manosphere”, “MGTOW”, “MRM”, “Men on Strike”…

What the hell…?

Oh, phew, good, they didn’t all leave… “Men in skirts”, they stayed. They will protect you.


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