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Call for Reason aims to promote the conviction that Western society has set itself on a course of collision with basic principles of our natural existence. The effects of that impact, though not instant in their execution, will be devastating in a true sense of the word for Western civilisation as we know it. It is not a question whether or not the human species will survive, it is the question whether Western civilisation, and everything that it stands for, can continue to be at the forefront of human progress.




First, there was biology, then there was society, strictly in that order. It is biology that drives us, that creates instinct and urge. It is biology, after all, that gives us thoughts. Our actions and reactions are a biological product, first and foremost. Therefore, it is not unsustainable to look ‘back’ at biology for advice on how to go forward.

On the contrary, the current state of our society demands the re-establishment of biological order.



There are undeniable, scientifically proven differences between human subspecies and races. It should be a logical natural priority of each race within a species, as is a priority of each species, to embrace, uphold and fight for survival as its ultimate goal, procreation and raising the offspring being the most important tasks. The white race, like any other race or species, must and has every right to treat survival as its ultimate priority.


Biology cannot be judged. We have intellect, true, but we cannot outsmart biology. We are the product of biology, not the other way around. We cannot but accept, promote and make the most of the structure and order designed by biology. Any other approach is doomed to genetic bankruptcy of Western society, sooner or later.


There are men and there are women. The sex, male and female, is determined by biology. There are distinct features that without any scientific doubt differ between sexes from the day of birth of each individual. Those features must not only be accepted and celebrated by us, but also supported and nurtured. Each of us has to be proud to possess those distinct attributes of his or her sex.


Men are expected to be strong, resourceful and leaders of their families. Masculine men are becoming rarer and rarer in Western society. Nevertheless, they are essential to its survival. Fathers have to do their part in helping their sons become what nature intended them to be.


Women are expected to be loyal, nurturing and true foundation of their families. Feminine women in that context are systematically chastised and scorned by extreme feminists who do not understand nature. However, without feminine women, there is no future. Mothers have to do their part in helping their daughters become what nature intended them to be.


Homosexuality is not biologically justifiable unless we are contemplating a gradual decline and an eventual extinction of a certain species or race. That, in turn, is not biologically reasonable as survival is the ultimate priority of each living being, survival and production of offspring. Beside the possibility of violating biological processes, homosexuals do not have any ways of reproducing that would be endorsed by nature. Therefore, in today’s society, being a homosexual is fine. Encouraging and supporting that type of deviation from natural laws, as well as setting up a whole system to enable it to flourish and thrive, however, is not.


Heterosexual parents are not a social or any other choice. Every child must have a mother and a father and live with them. Only then the offspring has every chance for strong development for the benefit of themselves as well as the society. Evolution does not accept any other combination without punishment.


Today, feminism is not about equality. It is about supremacy that has never in history existed with any significant impact because it is biologically unsustainable. Feminism, having infiltrated into every pore of Western society and having turned politics into its clown, has become a social disease that chips away the health of Western society. It has to be countered and eventually neutralised through encouragement and promotion of healthy and natural relationships between men and women and emphasis on family as the core cell of the society.


Men do not hate women. It is an insanely fabricated notion that has no foundation in either biology or society as a whole. Sick actions and sick policies are products of sick people. They have never represented the society as a whole no matter how far-reaching those actions or policies were at the time.


Women do not hate men. That notion has no foundation in either biology or society as a whole. Sick actions and sick policies are products of sick people. However, feminism, the 2nd and 3rd waves in particular, spearheaded by sick as well as opportunistic women and men has demonstrated the ability to deceive and misguide certain women who then spread irrational hatred towards all men. That attitude has no future.


One of the biggest lies of the 20th century is “deconstruction” of patriarchy by communists, feminists and liberals. Patriarchy is leadership of men, which cannot be fully functional without the supportive role of women. It is completely illogical and moreover untrue that all the time “under patriarchy” men have consistently hated, assaulted and humiliated women, and yet the civilisations developed, prospered and flourished. Men have, in fact, constantly protected women as more valuable of the two in biological sense. Violence has nothing to do with patriarchy.


As Roald Dahl says in one of his plays, Western education system has been designed to fail. Justifying confusing curriculums with constant change being supposedly essential to our lives, it offers less and less useful knowledge and skills, while manufacturing armies of consenting slaves who doubt little and question even less. Education must recognise and support our biological purpose, and give young boys and girls knowledge and skills that reflect their distinct characteristics and roles.


“Of course atheists can enjoy Christmas! We also enjoy fiction, knowing the characters in it are not real. We can enjoy the carols and the Christmas lights, but we can certainly reject that one bit about a virgin giving birth to the son of a God.” (Richard Dawkins). However, atheism is most clearly defined in Western, Christian society. So, Christianity, at this stage, certainly deserves credit for its flexibility and perhaps a second chance, in some way.


The only constant in nature is change. Natural change is inevitable as it is essential. However, a number of various alterations, products of human “ingenuity”, have conveniently albeit deceitfully been attributed to natural change. Western society has been heavily harmed by that approach so far. The real change, in this case, could well be going back.


Every time politically correct action is executed, it is a stab in a back of Western society. PC is nothing more than a skilfully skewed method to promote actions that do not support biology, and get people to comply in fear of being labelled as nothing short of heretics. PC is clearly unsupportive of natural order, and must be interrupted and dismantled whenever possible.