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Welcome to Call for Reason!


Presumably, your search has brought you here as it probably had to other websites with similar theme in the past.

We are new (2016), yes. The problem of failing Western civilisation, with emasculation of men at its core, unfortunately is not. That is not a new topic, but is certainly shunned at every turn. Many men (and few women) have taken on the unenviable challenge to reverse the tide, but more is needed, more effort, more ideas, more people.

That’s why we are here. We want to put more bricks into the structure that seems to be in frantic process of getting dismantled. That process must be stopped. We think we owe it to our history and forefathers who built it.

We do not want to make this first post too complicated or long, but feel that “some kind” of introduction is mandatory in addition to our Manifesto of Reason, which you can read in full following the link on this page.

The subsequent two excerpts have the purpose of clarifying our purpose (!) before you decide to actually click on the Manifesto link and get a more substantial idea.

“Call for Reason aims to promote the conviction that Western society has set itself on a course of collision with basic principles of our natural existence. The effects of that impact, though not instant in their execution, will be devastating in a true sense of the word for Western civilisation as we know it. It is not a question whether or not the human species will survive, it is the question whether Western civilisation, and everything that it stands for, can continue to be at the forefront of human progress.”

“First, there was biology, then there was society, strictly in that order. It is biology that drives us, that creates instinct and urge. It is biology, after all, that gives us thoughts. Our actions and reactions are a biological product, first and foremost. Therefore, it is not unsustainable to look ‘back’ at biology for advice on how to go forward.

On the contrary, the current state of our society demands the re-establishment of biological order.”

It is more than obvious that individuals and groups, who are unhappy with where Western society is heading today, are louder and louder. Perhaps, it is a euphemism to say ‘unhappy’. They are hugely dissatisfied, bitter and feel betrayed by their governments and other public organisations, more and more often.

They also feel they are manipulated on a regular basis, in essence non-stop. It has gone that far, that some manipulations are now self-maintaining, a true and real examples of perpetuum mobile success in a trade of brain-washing.

As much as most of that awareness seems to be manifested, at least online, in the US, rest assured that Europe is ‘in a hurry’ to match the US ‘efforts’. Australia and New Zealand are ‘proudly’ on a par with the US already. Other parts of the world are still sleeping, or are they…?

The old adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”, has been turned upside down by a systematic fabrication and re-fabrication (as necessary) of reality and life we live by more and more concerted efforts of global governments, other bodies and individuals. Western society’s proven and established values, customs and practices are bursting at all the seams from the relentless power of devastation from within. New ones are introduced on a short notice over and over again, leaving people confused and unsure, shrugging their shoulders and uncritically accepting whatever comes their way.

Here are just a few examples of what is wrong with Western society today, and what must be fixed if it is to survive in its current biological and genetic arrangement:

  • The relationships between men and women are at their historical low as far as respect, loyalty and interdependence are concerned.
  • The aspect of racial differences has been pushed under the carpet so hard that even entertaining a mere thought about differentiation of traits of various races can get one in jail (almost), and yet, racism is rampant in the great majority of parts of this globe, even (we’ve got to be joking, haven’t we) within Western society. I wonder why…
  • Christianity, likely the most monumental heritage of Western civilisation, with all its ups and downs has given the society numerous rules and patterns of social behaviour and necessary protection mechanisms against its ‘free (uncontrolled) will’. Yet, as we speak, it is being brought to its knees through ‘uncontrolled’ demographic flooding of its historical areas by refugees from Islamic countries certainly not lacking more than generous help from the liberals and other “forward-thinkers”.
  • Sexuality, a clearly defined biological category, has been mocked and ridiculed to the point that being heterosexual makes you feel inadequate.

And there is so much more…

Only the moral values of a robust and healthy patriarchal society, with masculine, confident and protective men at its front, who are supported by feminine, caring and resourceful women, can and will guarantee the longevity of Western civilisation.

Call for Reason