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What would you say…?



It’s getting better and better, doesn’t it? Men and women have equal rights, there is much more flexibility in the society regarding anything that used to be considered sick, weird, or not normal at mildest. Homosexual people, like yourself, are totally accepted and not only do have they equal rights like everyone else, but they have also won a battle to be allowed to get married, even adopt someone else’s kids and bring them up as their own, with two mothers, or two fathers.

We have really gone far, haven’t we? Our species has evolved and become so advanced; we create so much artificial stuff that one wonders sometimes how much of anything is truly natural today.

Our children are getting a careful education at school, so that they are well aware of how painfully hard it has been for everyone else but them, so they need to show concern and compassion. Our boys are told that rape is wrong and they should not rape girls. Our girls are advised that women are finally free today, so much free that they need to catch up on everything that their mothers and grandmothers missed on, sex mostly.

If our children are white, they are told that white people need to seriously think about all horrible things they have done and for how long to other races. If they are black, they are encouraged to celebrate anything that is about them being black and proud.Jennifer%20McCarthy%20and%20Melisa%20Erwin

So, everybody’s really getting empowered to contribute justly to the society as we step into the future, the future where everybody and everything is equal, where we forget and even ignore our differences, where we show that we are powerful, more powerful and more effective than nature itself.

But…, what would you say…, if one day, let’s say, quite soon…, what would you say if everything changes? What if society wakes up one day and decisions are swiftly made that suddenly restrict anything that is not considered normal, restrict, but not forbid, no. So, everyone can still be what they want to be, but every deviation from biologically correct pattern is required to be kept discreet, and is certainly not encouraged.

You will, of course, be able to enjoy life as you want it, but you will not be able to organize parades, demand services and favours from the society because that will be reserved for heterosexual people only. A bit of inconvenience, but that’s all.

The society will make a point to celebrate and encourage natural relationships between men and women, where the family is the most important building block of that same society.

What would you say if at school our children start getting different education? They are told that boys and girls are different, but essentially complementing each other and one cannot function without the other.

Boys are taught that they need to be strong, well educated, and respectful of women, adults and everything they find in nature because they are part if it all and have their place. They need to learn how to control the world around them without getting carried away, but recognizing natural guidance and limitations. They are made aware of their role as the head of the future family they will set up and all the responsibilities that role will carry with it.

Portrait of a extended happy family standing in the park.

Proper environment for raising healthy, confident children.

Girls are taught that they need to be caring and nurturing and, above all, cherish and celebrate their femininity. They are well educated, so they can prepare to have a family one day as they grow up, where they will be the main pillar of its coherence and strength.

There is no racism. Everybody respects everybody, and everybody treasures and promotes what they are, celebrating their customs and culture, and promoting, for themselves, their own race. The white race, in addition, enjoys celebrating their own achievements that are much more numerous than achievements of all the other races put together. They, however, appreciate that every race has the right to, and should, celebrate and nurture their own way of life.

Homosexuality is not forbidden, as I said earlier, but single-sex marriages and child adoption by single-sex couples are not allowed any more based on overwhelming scientific evidence that the only biologically healthy environment for bringing up children are heterosexual couples, and that psychological health of children is best catered for when they grow up with a father and a mother, even if they are foster parents out of necessity.

What would you say?

You would probably be very upset, wouldn’t you? You would probably ask yourself – “Where is this society going?” As you would constantly have to be observant and vigilant about how much of your traits you show publicly, you would probably feel like there is always something stuck in your throat, like it is hard to swallow, hard to breathe…

That is how I feel now.

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